About: The site

Thank you so much for visiting this site. The stories on this site are, for the most part, works of fiction. I say for the most part because all the places I write about are real places in Melbourne and I may make reference to their owners or comment on the quality of the coffee. I am inspired by conversations I overhear or curious characters that come by however all tales are fabrications of my mind.

The lovely thing about the short story is that once it’s written, that’s it, you can part from the characters. I decided to set my stories in cafes because we so often bump into characters there; we overhear little conversations or make quick judgements about the people we see. Often these judgements are so quick that we forget these characters also have stories to tell, stories we don’t see from our quick encounters.

About: The author


My name is Bella, I’m dabbling in the art of short story writing. I’ve wanted to write for most of my life and dream of one day having my cheesy photo on the back of a paperback.


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